Where are we?

The SharePoint User Group is broken up into Regions, so there is a meeting near you SOON!

Our regions are:

  1. East Anglia
    Hosted by Peter Baddely and Randy Perkins.
  2. East Midlands
    Hosted by Anthony Pounder and Brett Lonsdale.
  3. Isle of Man
    Hosted by Andy Talbot.
  4. London
    Hosted by Symon Garfield, Ben Robb, Nigel Price and Paul Hunt.
  5. North East
    Hosted by John Timney and regularly supported by Brian English, the Newcastle region meets every other month or so and often gets between 50 and 100 members attending each session. New members are always welcomed.
  6. North West
    Hosted by Mark Stokes in Central Manchester, we meet every other month and get around 40-50 people on average.
  7. Scotland
    Hosted by Spencer Harbar.
  8. South
    Hosted by Southampton University the South region meets quarterly and often gets around 30-50 members attending events.
  9. South West
    Hosted by Lee Fedder.
  10. West Midlands
    Hosted by Steve Eyton-Jones.
  11. Yorkshire
    Hosted by Simon Doy, Paul Gallagher and Simon Hudson.