We suggest the following:

  1. Why can't I log in any more?

    Since we have removed the Forums and Event registration from this site, there is no need, at present, for a login mechanism. In the future we may look to introduce more features and bring this back, but for now we are maintaining this site purely as a central presence for the User Group and to point users off to our social interaction points.

    If you wish to connect, meet and chat to other User Group members then please look at our Yammer Group.

  2. Where are the Forums?
    Whilst a lot of users have gotten value out of the SUGUK forums over the years, we have decided not to continue to offer this functionality. There are 3 exceedingly good external resources offering forums capabilites and we direct members there:
    SharePoint - Stack Exchange
    MSDN Forums - For Developers
    Technet Forums - For IT Pros

    Since we have a LOT of great content in the forums, we don't want to loose all that, so we have decided to keep the old site alive, in Read-Only format. This can still be reached on the original URL of http://suguk.org

  3. What is coming in the future?
    We have had a lot of spam accounts over the last couple of years. So the first priority in 2013 is a clean out of the user database to eliminate spam and unused accounts. At some point you "may" receive an email asking to confirm your account and details any any non-responses will have their accounts terminated. This will only happen at the point we think there is a reason to bring back a site logon.